Iterhic Wealth Services



Cash Flow

Helping families to develop and manage against a monthly budget and plan for periods of cash flow increase or decrease


Reviewing a family’s overall allocation to different asset types and making sure it fits within the risk parameters necessary to achieve their financial goals

Compensation Analysis

Reviewing stock grants, option grants and bonuses to optimize concentration risk and tax efficiency to maximize value of total annual compensation.

Gifting Strategies

Identifying family goals for philanthropy and creating a plan for impactful giving.

Alternative Investments

Evaluating non-publicly traded investments and identifying opportunities for portfolio diversification that aligns with families’ goals.

Lending Strategies

Helping families to manage liabilities by recommending lending strategies to meet family objectives.



Retirement Planning

Helping families to reach their long-term financial goals, whether it be through traditional retirement or other forms of financial freedom.

Education Planning

Helping to identify and execute strategies for reaching family education goals.

Tax Planning

Work with CPAs to ensure investment strategies and family budgets are considerate of tax implications and maximize tax efficiency.


We help families to choose life insurance and short and long term disability as an important risk management tool.

Estate planning

Partner with trusted estate attorneys to implement strategies that ensure a family’s financial legacy that goes beyond their lifetime.

Business Succession

Partner with trusted business attorneys to ensure careful transition or monetization of family-owned businesses.